We are a collective of distinct personalities, colleagues and friends. We each have our own expertise, but we share common values and a zest for building exceptional projects that help make the internet (and the world) a better place.
Tomáš Matějček, Miton
Tomáš Matějček
One of Miton’s founding partners, Tomáš was born in New Zealand and spent a large part of his adolescence in Germany. In recent years he was involved in projects like Slevomat and DámeJí; today he is responsible for Rossum, Biano, GoOut and the VR startup Sense Arena.
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Ondřej Raška, Miton
Ondřej Raška
A founding partner at Miton, Ondrej has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In Miton’s current portfolio he is responsible for the AI startup Rossum; in the past it was Slevomat, and Pixmac. A graduate of the University of Economics in Prague, Ondřej is a father of two who likes hiking and searching for places that are quiet.
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Milan Zemánek, Miton
Milan Zemánek
Part of Miton’s founding team, Milan always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, even as a child. Trained in information technology at the Technical University of Liberec, Milan used to oversee Restu – which was later bought by Makro – and is now helping to grow the services of IdeálníNá, Grason and StartupJobs. But the list of his activities doesn't end there. As Milan himself likes to say, he’s never accepted that there are only 24 hours in a day.
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Michal Jirák, Miton
Michal Jirák
Michal says he’s more a product person than an entrepreneur, and UX/UI development currently tops his interests. In his time at Miton he has focused on, Heureka, Bonami and Domodi, and now he is working on GLAMI. Michal found his way to Miton’s founding team through the Jablonec-based rock club Rampa. He spent part of his childhood in sunny Australia.
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Tomáš Hodboď, Miton
Tomáš Hodboď
Tomáš joined the team of Miton partners in 2013 after a successful exit of the price comparison site Heureka, which he had helped to build. Today he is responsible for GLAMI as the company’s CEO. Tomáš lives with his family in Prague, and he is proud to be growing a future global initiative.
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Václav Štrupl, Miton
Václav Štrupl
Václav first worked with Miton on the development of Bonami, and he became a partner in 2015. Prior to this, he and David Špinar founded and then successfully sold the online marketing agency Václav is interested in sustainable development, psychology, travelling and discovering places.
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David Špinar, Miton
David Špinar
David’s business card shows him as Miton’s CEO, but he also works as a venture partner and looks after several projects in the Miton portfolio. A graduate of the University of Economics in Prague, David founded and for many years led the digital marketing agency Before joining Miton, he worked as Head of Performance at Google in the Czech Republic. David is a passionate farmer and sports archer.
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Miton team
Pavel Vopařil, Miton
Pavel Vopařil
CEO at Bonami & Venture Partner
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Vladimír Janouš, Miton
Vladimír Janouš
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Michala Gregorová, Miton
Michala Gregorová
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Anna Paličková, Miton
Anna Paličková
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Ondřej Štěpánek, Miton
Ondřej Štěpánek
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David Šiška, Miton
David Šiška
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Monika Herodesová, Miton
Monika Herodesová
Office manager, Liberec
Veronica Hrozová, Miton
Veronica Hrozová
Office manager, Prague