We are a collective of distinct personalities, colleagues and friends. We each have our own expertise, but we share common values and a zest for building exceptional projects that help make the internet (and the world) a better place.
Tomáš Matějček, Miton
Tomáš Matějček
Born in Wellington (yes, New Zealand), Tomáš has been with Miton since the very beginning. His responsibilities have included projects like DameJidlo and Slevomat.
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Ondřej Raška, Miton
Ondřej Raška
Naturally keen on technology and development, Ondřej got hooked on the internet when he was in secondary school. At the beginning, he did everything at Miton, from making the coffee to working on our strategic plan.
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Milan Zemánek, Miton
Milan Zemánek
An entrepreneur to the core, Milan is a visionary who thinks about the future more than the present and has never accepted that a day has only 24 hours. According to Milan, everything is possible – now.
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Michal Jirák, Miton
Michal Jirák
Raised in Australia, educated at the University of Economics in Prague, inquisitive by nature. The arrival of the internet interrupted Michal’s pro gaming career, and since the year 2000 he has been building Miton as a partner.
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Tomáš Hodboď, Miton
Tomáš Hodboď
Tomáš joined Miton in 2006 at the age of 18. He worked with Miton on launching the price comparison website, which was bought in 2012 by AllegroGroup.
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Václav Štrupl, Miton
Václav Štrupl
In 2005, Václav and his colleagues founded and later successfully sold the online marketing agency Together with Miton he then started and managed the online furniture and home decor retailer Bonami.
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David Špinar, Miton
David Špinar
David Špinar is Miton’s CEO. He is responsible for coordinating the central Miton team to ensure that the company fulfils its mission of being an active investor with high value.
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Pavel Vopařil, Miton
Pavel Vopařil
Venture Partner
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Vladimír Janouš, Miton
Vladimír Janouš
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Michala Gregorová, Miton
Michala Gregorová
Head of Communications
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Alžběta Sočuvková, Miton
Alžbeta Sočuvková
Business analyst
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Ondřej Štěpánek, Miton
Ondřej Štěpánek
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Monika Herodesová, Miton
Monika Herodesová
Office manager, Liberec
Veronica Hrozová, Miton
Veronica Hrozová
Office manager, Prague