Nikos Balamotis

He is a venture partner at Miton C, a fund focused on web3. He is also a member of the board of directors of Coinmate, the biggest Czech cryptocurrency exchange. Before Miton, he worked at Alza, Home Credit and QED Group (Managing Partner). He also has extensive entrepreneurial experience. He is married and has three children and a granddaughter. In his free time, he likes to travel and do sports.


Nikos Balamotis

Current projects


Investment areas

Crypto, web3

What was your path to crypto?

I remember the sun was shining while I was taking my first steps toward crypto. It was while I was on a beautiful walk with Ondra Raška along the Vltava River near Zbraslav. During the approximately three-hour stroll and two beers, I realised that if I didn’t jump on the train now, I wouldn’t fully understand the world in ten years’ time. 

What do you spend most of your time at Miton C on?

I primarily help the teams at Coinmate (cryptocurrency exchange) and Confirmo (crypto payment gate).

In what is the web3 project environment different in comparison with your previous work experience?

There are many new concepts here that don’t exist in traditional business. When I used to work at, say, Home Credit and a friend would ask what I did and where I worked, it would be clear to them straightway that the company lends money to people. Everyone could imagine what the company did and the questions and discussions that followed were simple.
Today, when I tell someone what I do, I get questions like: “Wait, do you really work in crypto or do you mean blockchain?” And explaining terms like “trustless” or “asymmetric cryptography” is still very complicated at this moment in time.
At the same time, it’s true that in this area, the word “speed” means something completely different than elsewhere.

What has your previous work experience given you for your current work at Miton C?

There are people working everywhere (at least for now), and if there’s something I really enjoy, it’s working with people. For many years I was interested in culture and quality of cooperation and communication in teams and across them. Both are extremely important in connection with the quick growth of start-ups. 

Where does crypto stand in the Czech Republic? What would help this technology better prosper in the Czech Republic?

Crypto has a big “tradition” in the Czech Republic. For such a small country, we are certainly not lagging behind in innovations. On the other hand, a crypto company in the Czech Republic has a much harder position than in other European countries. Primarily because the appropriate legislation is absent, banks have nothing to lean on, and because they also lack know-how, they do not offer crypto banking services to companies.

What would help the ecosystem the most is clear legislation above and beyond the MiCA regulation being drafted, a regulation which will support modern forms of doing business and company organisation such as DAO. It looks like Switzerland and Lichtenstein will end up being substantially further ahead in this. 

Are you personally doing something about it?

For meeting with ministries, regulators and politicians, there are more competent colleagues on the team. I see my role more in relation to financial institutions. Also because of my previous experience, I can better understand what their concerns about crypto are.

Nikos Balamotis


How would you describe your style of work?

I like to work intensively over certain periods. Days and weeks where a lot goes on. We make a lot of shots and wait for someone to respond to them. That keeps me mentally most active, and it’s during this time I’m most energetic. I then like a complete change of pace, where I recharge differently, usually by doing sports, preferably by the ocean. But I never disconnect from work, not even for a single day in the year. I don’t need to: I enjoy it. I have always said I don’t really understand the term work-life balance, because work is also life. You only live once, and you have to enjoy life.

What advice do you give most often to founders?

I advise them to let me know if I’m advising them too much. :-) They know best, although they may just not know it yet, and I have to help them realise it.

What do you like best about your job?

Freedom and creativity.

What, in turn, is the hardest?

Keeping your bearings in an environment that is changing and moving very quickly.

What book do you most often give as a gift?


What podcast do you spend most time of your time with?

Bankless and Tim Ferriss.

What has stood the test of time for you? That is, what have you been focusing on regularly for years?

Kitesurfing, for about 20 years. :-)

What five things can’t you do without?

A very tough question. Because I have been trying for a very long time to live in a way where material things don’t really matter to me, even those things I like.  And I’m assuming this question is talking about inanimate objects, or else I’d list family five times. Otherwise, I’m addicted to several things: iPhone, Kindle, groundsheet, camper, ocean.

What’s your favourite place?

Areia Branca in Portugal

What would you be doing if Miton didn’t exist?

I’d probably have my own team helping companies in culture and leadership development. 

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