How we work

VC our own way

We are close to founders.

As founders' trusted allies, we help navigate every crucial phase of their company's journey, paving their way to success. After two decades of building companies, we know well what truly matters and what is a waste of time.

We invest our own capital.

That means the ultimate 'skin in the game'. This commitment allows us to break free from the traditional funding cycles that typically demand shareholder payouts within a five-year horizon.

When and how much we invest



Series A

For many portfolio companies, we've been there from the very start – through the product development phase or looking for the right product-market fit.

300k-2M €

standard initial investment + follow-up investments in the same range or higher

Investment areas

We invest in the areas of our expertise, where our added value is the highest.

AI, augmented workforce

Crypto, web3

Psychedelics, mental health


Gastro Tech

Independent travel

AI, augmented workforce

We invest in top AI teams that have the ambition to reshape the way companies operate or how we humans live and work.

Crypto, web3

We believe that crypto and web3 will accelerate the restructuring of society through novel coordination mechanisms.

Psychedelics, mental health

We support ambitious mental health improvement projects, with a particualr emphasis on the field of psychedelics.


That is where we have the most experience. We explore e-commerce from diverse angles, such as product discovery and re-commerce.

Gastro Tech

Our long-standing goal is to digitalise and streamline the entire gastronomy sector, catering to both consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B).

Independent travel

We view camping, caravaning and yachting as means to escape crowded destinations while embracing better sustainability.

Contact us

We hold great respect for anyone with the courage to build something innovative. Don't hesitate to reach out and contact us.
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Miton through time


We invested in the crypto startup Firefish, sold Donio, started writing an AI newsletter, and lobbied for the incorporation of ESOPs into Czech legislation.


We invested in 100ks and cryptocurrency projects Coinmate and Confirmo, otherwise we focused on existing projects.


We enter Campiri, Knihobot, CamperGuru, Nelisa, Uget, Septim and Behavera. We launch Miton C, a fund focused on web3 and crypto projects. Rohlik Group becomes the first Czech unicorn.


We launch Miton Psychonats, the mental health fund. We enter Boataround and Donio.


We enter Grason, Qerko and Reas. Czech Forbes April cover is ours. We launch podcast.


Wirtualna Polska acquires Domodi and Metro/Makro acquires Restu. We enter Displate and Sense Arena and move to our new offices in Prague’s hopping neighbourhood Karlín.


We sell Slevomat to Secret Escapes, launch Driveto, and enter and Ideální nájemce.


David Špinar becomes Miton’s CEO.


We launch Biano and enter GoOut. Vašek Štrupl becomes a partner.


Together with Tomáš Čupr and Enern, we launch Wirtualna Polska joins and Delivery Hero acquires


We launch Glami, Twisto and Restu, and enter StartupJobs. Tomáš Hodboď becomes a partner. Pond5 acquires our photo bank Pixmac.


Allegro Group acquires the hotel service group We launch Bonami and Domodi and enter PizzaTime and transform it to


We sell Heureka to Allegro. The Slevomat Group is born and enters Hungary, Bulgaria and the Baltic states. We sell to Centrum Holdings.


We enter Slevomat at its beginning.


We buy, a.s. and integrate it with and Previo. MIH Allegro joins Heureka as a strategic partner. integrujeme s a Previo. MIH Allegro vstupuje do Heureky jako strategický partner.


We sell to and launch Together with, we sell to the investment fund Warburg Pincus.


We have 40 employees and a turnover that grows by more than 100% every year since Miton’s founding


We are named a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Rising Star for the fastest growing technology firm in the Czech Republic.


We hire our first employee.


We launch


MITON CZ, s.r.o. is born and we launch


We approach Michal Jirák to work on graphics for the emerging project. We are now four.


Three of us – Ondra, Tomáš and Milan – decide to build websites. Our name is Otoman.