Founders of Reas
How to sell a flat quick smart

It’s a well-known fact that renting a flat is hard work. Selling one can be equally hard. Sure, you can hire a real estate agent who will look after the whole process. But how do you find a reliable agent? And how do you know if the sale price they suggest is the best? Introducing Reas, a Czech company aiming to simplify and ultimately digitise the entire real estate sales process, one into which Miton has decided to invest nearly 400,000 Euro.

What's new: April 2019

Filip Brýdl in Miton, Glami in Morocco, Rossum at AI Awards. Learn what’s been happening at Miton, the same information we share with the founders of our companies.

Kolegyně Gabriela si pročítá článek o Mitonu v novém Forbesu
What's New: March 2019

A summary for the founders and managers of our companies, here on the web in a slightly censored version. New Forbes and the web, business results, and where to get a great cup of coffee.

Jirka and Petr Královi spoke about marketing influencers
What's new: February 2019

GLAMI took a look back at 2018 and released their plans for 2019. Twisto initiated Apple Pay. Sense Arena is conquering America, Grason is winning competitions, and Rohlik is expanding.

Glami team in Barcelona
GLAMI goes to 2019

Last week GLAMI held their ‘All Hands’ meeting to review the achievements of 2018 and to discuss this year's priorities. As Michal and Tomas have nothing to hide and subscribe to maximum transparency, the meeting speech is presented here. Maybe it will help the GLAMI team achieve what they have set themselves for 2019 :)

Povídání se Šimonem Vostrým
What’s New: December 2018 and January 2019

Šimon Vostrý joined us to speak about his 40-million-Euro exit. Sense Arena exhibited at CES. reports profits. And our tips for good reading and listening.

Foto z výsledkové porady
What’s New: November 2018

Every month we send the founders of “our” companies a newsletter with updates on latest developments. If these interest you, then read on, because what follows is a redacted version :)

Průhled do kanceláře Mitonu
Our beautiful new offices in Karlin

Our companies have two things in common: fast growth and ambitions beyond the Czech Republic. For this they need a base that can attract new staff and a place where people feel good. The concept of a shared office allows our companies to join forces and to create exactly that kind of atmosphere. Welcome to Prague’s hopping Karlin, home to Miton and four of our companies and a work base for some 100 people.

Restu team
Restu to the world

Our joint journey with Restu began in 2013. Fast forward five years and Makro has purchased Restu. Why does this make us happy?

Room designed with Displates
Meet Displate: Our new Polish adventure

Home decor, marketplace, Direct2Consumer, in-house production and a unique technology. In their business model, the Polish company Displate combines all of these elements and overlays a global reach. US customers are expected to generate the largest share of the company’s projected sales of US$20 million in 2019. These are all good reasons for Miton’s investment in Displate.

Nakupování očima
Our gamble on the notion of ‘buying with our eyes’

This is the story of the fashion search engine Domodi, into which we invested back in 2012 shortly after its founding. Fast-forward to 2018 and the Polish media group GWP completes the purchase of Domodi in a 60 million Euro valuation.

Founder Sense Areny Bob Tetiva
Czech virtual reality tested by NHL clubs
  • Miton invests in the Czech startup Sense Arena.
  • Filip Pešán, coach for the Liberec White Tigers hockey team, is the startup’s co-owner.
  • The virtual reality training session has been tested by the NHL’s Boston Bruins.
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