Photo gallery from hockey founders dinner 2024

Michala Gregorová, Miton

Michala Gregorová

31. 5. 2024
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We planned the dinner for the Czech Republic vs. Canada match. Fortunately, the Karlín venue HolKa had prepared a garden with a screen. Although the game didn't go well for the Czech Republic, it’s irrelevant history given the overall outcome :) How did the evening turn out? Check out the photos.

Hockey founders dinner 2024

People in crypto have been in a good mood for the past few months, regardless of the hockey results. Team Miton C is proof of that.

Team Miton C and Firefish

Besides Radek and David from Miton C, you can also see Martin from Firefish in the photo. They recently launched the public version of their service, take a look.

Katka Chvalinová (Miton) with Anna Štrébl (Confirmo)

The crypto payment gateway Confirmo is also doing well, and in the photo, you can see its CEO Anna Štrébl (though unfortunately blurry) along with our sharp Katka Chvalinová.

Katka and Gábi from Miton team

These two are ours too, Gábi and Katka

Kuba Svoboda from 100ks

Founder 100ks Kuba Svoboda before the committee. Do you already have your art print at home?

Tomáš Matějček from Miton with Rossum co-founder Petr Baudiš

Our Tomáš Matějček with Petr Baudiš, co-founder of Rossum.

Jirka Diblík from VOS and team Marinade

Jirka Diblík from VOS showing something on his phone to Michal Repetný and Honza Legner from Marinade.

Tomáš Hodboď from Miton

This is our Tomáš Hodboď. Do you know him? Tomáš started at Heureka (eventually as CEO), then founded and led GLAMI, helped grow Donio, and is now looking for his next venture to help build :)

Janko Kešelák (CEO GLAMI) and our Vláďa Janouš

He no longer needs to lead GLAMI because Janko Kešelák is now at the helm.

Miton people around one table

To wrap up, here’s a group photo of the Miton team. For us, founders dinners are also an opportunity to meet in person.

Karlínská HolKa

Special thanks to the wonderful Jana Plavec for the photos. And also thanks to Karlínská HolKa for the great place, it's nice there.

P.S. If you enjoy browsing photos, here are photo galleries from the Christmas founders dinner, last spring's founders dinner, the autumn before last in Jizera, and the spring before last on Petřín.


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