An individual who explores their mind in a focussed way through altered states of consciousness

Miton Psychonauts supports ambitious projects that are focussed on improving people’s mental wellbeing.

We connect scientists, medical practitioners and entrepreneurs, and use our experience and finances to help transform their ideas into reality.

We believe that each and every one of us should have the opportunity for feeling good in life if we so desire.

Although Western society has prospered materially, we are not feeling well at an individual level. And yet mental wellbeing and mindful living have a direct influence on our physical health and our relationship to self, to others and to the natural environment.
The global crisis of mental ill health in numbers
After the common cold, mental ill health is the most common reason for people to miss work and face challenges in everyday functioning.
More than 300 million people are currently diagnosed with depression.
More than 10% of the world’s population experience some form of mental ill health.
According to an expert study, by 2030 mental illness will cost the world some 16 trillion US Dollars.

Thanks to two decades of working in technology business, we are well aware that new technologies and innovations will play a key role in the future in shaping how we live and how we feel. We’d love to see technology used to everyone’s benefit.

Topics that interest us

Psychedelics and expanded states of consciousness

We are supporting a renaissance in research into psychedelics. After 50 years of stringent restrictions, substances that alter states of consciousness are returning to the research arena and are being used as treatment for mental illness and tools for self-discovery. In our view, the potential offered by psychedelics is the greatest innovation to have emerged in mental healthcare over the past 70 years.
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We are supporting initiatives that are…
Based on innovative principles or trends – we observe how the world is changing and try to use it to our collective advantage, whether it’s in new technology or changes in legislation or social norms.
Able to grow and have a big impact – small local projects are good, but they often require as much work as big projects with a global impact. We like to support big ideas and the people who have the courage to grow them.
Created by leaders in their profession who are motivated by their calling – because people motivated in the right way are the foundation of every success.
Led with courage and a willingness to collaborate – the projects we support contribute to the development of an ecosystem of collaboration rather than competition.
Capable of developing a feasible business model and reaching financial sustainability – a good mission can create value, and financial self-sufficiency is a guarantee of stability and long-term team motivation.
The first psychedelic clinic in Czechia, Psyon is a psychotherapeutic centre focussed primarily on psychedelics and their use in therapy. The clinic is backed by prominent Czech researchers and therapists.
We organise and support
Circle of innovation in mental health
Psytech CZ (FB group)
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