Václav Štrupl, Miton

Václav Štrupl


Václav first worked with Miton on the development of Bonami, and he became a partner in 2015. Prior to this, he and David Špinar founded and then successfully sold the online marketing agency H1.cz. Václav is interested in sustainable development, psychology, travelling and discovering places.


Václav Štrupl


At the beginning of his Miton journey Václav nurtured the creation of Bonami, the online marketplace for designer furniture, a company he continues to oversee. He also devotes his time to Rohlík.cz and to a rather unique application called Wavepaths, which is focused on broadening states of awareness and emotional wellbeing through transformative experiences.

“For Miton this is not a typical investment, but I believe it’s an area with great potential,” explains the Prague native and father of three.

“I like trying new things,” says Václav, and this shows in his love of sports and travel, but also in his business and professional interests. “I’m intrigued by journeys into a broadened state of consciousness, emotional health and wellbeing, education, and the future of mobility.”

Before Václav and Miton agreed in 2012 that they would build Bonami, and before he became the company’s sixth partner in 2015, he had already had one big business success. Václav started programming while in secondary school, met David Špinar, and together they went on to found the digital marketing agency H1.cz, which sold for tens of millions of Czech crowns in 2010. And it was David Špinar whom Václav invited some years later to help him build the central Miton team.

Václav looks for inspiration abroad. When he studied at the University of Economics in Prague, where his dissertation was supervised by Ondřej Raška, another Miton partner, Václav spent some time in the USA. And in 2018 he and his family spent half a year in Berlin, Europe’s startup mecca.

Projects in which Václav is involved