Michala Gregorová

She joined Miton in 2018 as head of communications. Previously, she had her own PR company with clients such as Rohlík and Bonami; later she become the CMO of Rohlík. In 2021, she also became an investment manager. She is in charge of Knihobot and is interested in re-commerce. She has a law degree and currently studying the humanities. She likes to learn new things and meet new people. She then tries to place them with one of the portfolio companies.

Michala Gregorová

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How does your experience in communications help in your job as an investment manager?

For a lot of projects, communication is key, so my 15 years of experience comes in handy. Most of all, thanks to my work in PR, I have had the chance to see first-hand how company owners work. My biggest learning experience was the three years I worked with Tomáš Čupr. I had been with Rohlík almost right from the start, later even as part of its team of managers. Nowhere else, even in a dozen years, would I have learned as much about business.

What’s your job at Miton?

  • External communications. Essentially the Miton brand. It carries a lot of important values, and I make sure that these are seen and their essence not distorted.
  • Internal communications. So our founders are interconnected as much as possible. It shortens the distance.
  • Knihobot. Online second-hand bookshop, with a team that is both talented and distinctive. I feel good there, and sometimes even useful.
  • Re-commerce. I don’t like buying new things, so it makes enormous sense to give things at least a second life.
  • The podcast. It’s called Cinkátko, and I try to discuss practical business topics with people from practice.
  • Talent. At HR we have the highly experienced Markéta. We often put our heads together to give smart and curious people the best direction.

Why are you interested in re-commerce?

I have always worked with B2C start-ups, typically in e-commerce. When Michal Jirák brought up re-commerce (the first timesecond timethird time), I was hooked immediately. Since then, I have been immersed in the concept. I keep tabs on how re-commerce is growing and what it’s facing. I watch how people learn not only to buy second-hand things, but also to sell them, and I think about what’s missing from this ecosystem.

What are the biggest obstacles for re-commerce?

There are several. Second-hand has to shake the stigma of being something a little dirty. Logistics are a huge nut to crack. But first and foremost, the majority of things are simply not built well enough to serve several owners (see page 58 of the McKinsey Report).

However, customers are changing; the younger generation is already thinking about how much they will be able to sell the thing they are buying in the future. And in fashion, what used to look like trailblazing is starting to become obligatory for brands toward customers.

What projects interest you the most? Who can approach you?

Anybody involved in re-commerce. Whether they are targeting end users or brands, wanting to solve some of the logistical issues, or striving to improve customer experience. We can even help in the very early stages. Thanks to Knihobot and Bonami, we have operational know-how; thanks to Glami and other projects, we have extensive experience in fashion/e-commerce.

How would you describe your style of work?

I like to switch between the buzz of an office full of people and the peace of home. I don’t like making telephone calls, but I’m always e-mailing. I like speaking with people one-on-one, in a café rather than in a meeting room. I like to help when I know how, but I don’t force anyone to do anything (although…). To help and protect, that’s my motto. :)

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What do you like about working at Miton?

Freedom and trust, and smart, successful, but at the same time the wonderful, people there. Moreover, we have people with a lot of experience in the “building”, so if you don’t know the answer to something, more often than not there’s someone there who does.

What has stood the test of time for you? That is, what have you been focusing on regularly for years?

Studying new topics (which has led to my applying to study the humanities), strength training, yoga, discovering good restaurants, cooking. And, most importantly, building close relationships.

What’s your favourite place?

More and more, it’s any place with forests or at least a view of them. In Prague, you’ll most often run into me at Ema in Karlín or Kro Coffee at Jiřího z Poděbrad square.

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