Ondřej Raška, Miton

Ondřej Raška


Naturally keen on technology and development, Ondřej got hooked on the internet when he was in secondary school. At the beginning, he did everything at Miton, from making the coffee to working on our strategic plan. As the programmer behind our first set of projects, Ondřej still naively believes that he understands software development.

In the past, Ondřej looked after projects like Skrz, Slevomat, Twisto and Rohlik. Currently, he is exploring and assessing innovative technology projects in mobile applications, machine learning and VR/AR. He is also involved in Rossum.

Ondřej plays squash and floorball, though he’s not very good at either, and dabbles in sailing. For the past few years, he has been searching for a bit of peace and quiet.

Projects in which Ondřej is involved