Anna Paličková

Anna works as an investment manager. Together with David Špinar, they focus on the independent travel segment and also take care of Driveto, Scuk, and Displate. Before joining Miton, she was involved in management consulting and finance, working for several years in mergers and acquisitions, where she also assisted in the sale of Slevomat. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends in her free time. She is married and has a little boy named Ríša.

Anna Paličková

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Independent travel

What business topics are you involved in?

David Špinar and I are in charge of Driveto, Scuk, and Displate, and in recent years, we have become interested in the topic of digitalizing free travel. During this time, companies such as Campiri, Dokempu, and Camperguru have been added to our portfolio.

Which projects are most interesting to you, whether by segment or approach? Who can come to you?

Right now, I am most interested in projects that bring some revolution to the possibilities of travel and leisure. I am attracted to teams that believe in their product and choose us because they resonate with our style of work. However, founders must definitely have their heart and passion for the project; I think I can see through that quite well.

How would you describe your working style?

I am naturally systematic and organized, but in the end, content is always more important to me than form. I also like to alternate between systematic and creative work.

Where do you spend most of your work time?

I'm usually in the office because I like my colleagues, and a lot gets done much faster in person, and you are "in the middle of things." But I also like the option of immersing myself in work undisturbed at home.

Anna Paličková na Miton allhands

What is the best part of your job?

People, people, and once again, people. Both in the Miton team and in our portfolio companies. I think I have found the ideal combination of being involved in daily business and, at the same time, being able to work on multiple projects and topics at once.

What is the most difficult part?

The ability to work on multiple projects also means that you have to be able to switch between several companies and different topics. It's a bit of a challenge to keep all of that in mind.

What do you like about working at Miton?

I love the endless variability. But at this moment, I am most grateful for the absolute flexibility and mutual trust. It allowed me to slowly start returning to work in a way that suited me time-wise when my little boy was not even a year old.

What has stood the test of time for you, i.e., what have you been regularly involved in for several years?

Family and friends come first. Otherwise, I like to clear my head by running or walking the dog, and I enjoy topics related to psychosomatics and altered states of consciousness.

What are five things you can't live without?

If I only take non-living things: glasses, phone, water bottle, snack for the little one, and dog poop bags :-)

What is your favorite place?

My hometown of Hluboká. But generally, I feel most alive and in my element in nature, ideally when it's also associated with some discomfort.

What would you do if Miton didn't exist?

I can only hope that it would have some meaning, not just a nice label for the CV :-) But if Miton didn't exist now, I would probably stay on maternity leave longer and maybe try to start something of my own, at least I would have some kind of tiny house :-)