Markéta Pařízek

At Miton, she is the HR Business Partner and ESOP consultant. Before that, she worked at Rohlík, where she started as a business partner for the IT department and then gradually took charge of the entire Rohlík headquarters, and at Biano, where she was HR Manager. She is married and has a son, Simon. In her free time, she likes drawing.

Markéta Pařízek

The best person to contact if you’re interested in a job at Miton or at one of its portfolio companies.

What are you in charge of at Miton?

I search for talented people and connect them with projects in our portfolio. So, if you’re thinking about making a change, feel free to contact me without commitment. Because Miton’s portfolio is so diverse, it’s quite likely we’ll find something that will change your working life for the better.

I'm also a liaison for the ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) topic. My main focus is on portfolio companies, but I occasionally work as a consultant for “outside” projects too. At Miton, we consider this subject crucial but difficult to implement under Czech conditions, so this is our way of supporting it. This is also the reason why we initiated the ESOPasap "movement".

What can a person expect when they start working at a start-up?

I think what’s most appealing about start-ups is the possibility to actually create something. That is something that the vast majority of people in big companies get to do only after many years of experience and climbing the corporate ladder. The start-up environment is much more open in this respect. It’s enough “just” to demonstrate ability and you can be at the start of something truly big and, without hyperbole, change the world.

What kind of people are best for start-ups?

Most assignments end with the sentence: “The person should have analytical skills and know how to learn”. Of course, these are important skills, but, in my opinion, a certain degree of tenacity is key. Start-ups often try to transform various segments and need people who are passionate and hardworking.

What traits are the biggest obstacles?

The vast majority of senior positions in start-ups are conceived as: “We know what we want; you show us how to get it”. People who don’t enjoy figuring out “how to do it” end up being unhappy at start-ups.

How does hiring in a young start-up differ from hiring for more mature companies?

Usually, they differ in the complexity of what needs to be resolved and built-in connection with hiring. At young start-ups, it’s not just about finding new colleagues, but also about creating a new structure. Very often, roles that don’t exist at the start-up are being sought, and it’s important for it to be clear still before hiring what the position of person will be and who their supervisor will be. Because of that, colleagues who are inexperienced as team leaders end up in those roles, and this results in HR having to help build a structure.

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You began as an IT recruiter. Are technically minded people still your favourite?

Even though it’s difficult to find people for such positions, it’s still my favourite area. I do admit, however, that I’m no longer able to gauge what frameworks are the trendiest. I still prefer CTO to CMO.

What advice do you give most often to founders?

Make decisions quickly. In the coming recession, founders will need to be fearless in making unpopular decisions as well. From a human perspective, delays are completely understandable, but this can undermine strong leadership, which will be the key.

What book do you most often give as a gift?

Last Christmas I gave my family copies of Slepé skvrny by Daniel Prokop. I felt my family, which is firmly on the right of the political spectrum, should hear a defence of social support in society. Well, New Year’s Day lunch was more than a little lively. :-)

What has stood the test of time for you? That is, what have you been focusing on regularly for years?

Drawing is something that has been accompanying me my entire life. I may not be the artist my mother envisaged, but it is one of the few activities where I forget about time. And you can drink wine while doing it.

What would you be doing if Miton didn’t exist?

I’d probably be a full-time mom to my almost two-year-old son, and I’d be afraid of what would be waiting for me after maternity leave. I’m really grateful to Miton for giving me the flexibility and for trusting me. Thanks to that I can continue to work and develop.