David Špinar


David’s business card shows him as Miton’s CEO, but he also works as a venture partner and looks after several projects in the Miton portfolio. A graduate of the University of Economics in Prague, David founded and for many years led the digital marketing agency H1.cz. Before joining Miton, he worked as Head of Performance at Google in the Czech Republic. David is a passionate farmer and sports archer.


David Špinar


When in 2015 Miton’s partners decided to look for a CEO who could lead the emerging central team and not ruin the relaxed, family atmosphere at Miton, they were clear who it should be. They had all known David Špinar for a long time, and had intended to collaborate with him in the past, so the choice was simple.

“The offer came at the right time,” says the former Head of Performance at Czech Google about his start at Miton. As a self-described systems geek who prefers order, David was tasked with leading the central Miton team and bringing organisational culture into what sometimes felt like anarchy. He came at a hectic time, just as the company’s central office in Prague was being built. His role in Miton is different to the CEO role in other businesses. “We’re not a typical company after all,” laughs Špinar. Of all the partners at Miton he knows Václav Štrupl the longest and the best – together they founded and for a few years led the successful digital marketing agency H1.cz.

In addition to managing the activities of the central team, David is also responsible for several startups in the company portfolio. These include the car leasing broker Driveto, the online farmers market Scuk, the real estate service Reas, and Miton’s investment in the Polish manufacturer of Displate designer metal prints. “For me it’s incredibly varied and creative work,” says David about his role in Miton.

David, who in his free time enjoys archery and raising a dozen Shire horses at his farm in Mysletice, is one of Czechia’s foremost experts on digital marketing. This was the focus of his past professional endeavours and continues to be his work at Miton and its companies. “I’m interested in all technologies that can simplify and improve our everyday lives. I especially like ones that are good and humble servants, rather than those that try to rule over or replace people,” adds David.

Projects in which David is involved