What’s New: September and October 2020

Michala Gregorová
2. 11. 2020
what’s new in Miton

Three new investments, the launch of Miton Psychonauts, lockdown, uncertainty, change. And this could quite possibly be the new normal. So enjoy a bit of relaxing reading.

Miton Psychonauts

The idea to formally support mental health initiatives crystallized fully this past autumn. The result is the Miton Psychonauts fund, which already has two new portfolio projects, and the Circle of Innovation in Mental Health.


Although seeking therapy support has become quite common in our tech bubble, for most people therapy is not only expensive but also shrouded in stigma. Terap.io is trying to remove these barriers with the help of online therapy. Learn more about our investment in this initiative on our blog


When you’ve got lots to do, it’s easy to miss the fact that you aren’t doing that well. The VOS app, already available on the AppStore and Google Play, encourages users to do brief daily self-reflection. More information about the app is on our blog, and if you like the idea, ask for six-months-free access.

Blabu call


The latest addition to the Miton portfolio is Blabu, whose founders are still reeling from the startup’s recent period of stress and uncertainty. To learn more about the company’s new business model, read on in our blog.

Miton20 1

Twenty Years

At the beginning of September, we celebrated our 20-year existence. A big thanks to everyone who was able to join the festivities. Here you can see photos from the big bash.

Bonami na Černém Mostě


Bonami opened two new beautiful brick and mortar shops in Prague, only to turn them into collection points once the second lockdown came into effect. Through it, all the company’s CEO Pavel Vopařil has maintained his cool.

Driveto nabídka lockdown


Although it’s no music to CEO Adam Szabó’s ears, the catchphrase ‘6-month COVID car’ is an apt description for Driveto’s current promotion. If you wish to avoid public transport during the lockdown and don’t want a long-term car commitment, you know where to go. 


Donio’s ‘Czechia Against COVID’ fundraising campaign is running full steam ahead. If you’d like to send some love or much-needed calories to our health care staff, stretched to their limits thanks to our collective irresponsibility, follow the link to Donio. 

What to read and listen to

  • Reworking work: a study from Atlassian about working from anywhere. The PDF summarizes in a few pages the results of excellent qualitative and quantitative research conducted with knowledge workers on four continents. Read on to learn what key factors determine people’s experience of remote working.
  • Social Dilemma, a docudrama on Netflix about the big tech baddies who are turning people into puppets. The film is a good example of how to elicit an emotional response that will get people involved in regulating an entire industry.
David Attenborough
  • A Life on Our Planet is Sir David Attenborough’s manifesto on humanity’s destructive impact on nature. The moving documentary may turn you into a vegetarian and make you think more deeply about your carbon footprint.
  • Five graphs for the month.