What’s New: January and February 2020

Michala Gregorová
6. 3. 2020

Want to know what’s happened in our companies over the past two months? Look no further. You will also learn what technology trends will be on everyone’s radar this year, and hopefully enjoy our recommendations for worthwhile reading and listening. Now look at the headlining photo – do you know which carnivore’s heaven was the site of our most recent founders’ dinner?

Tech Trends 2020

The big theme for 2020 (and perhaps for years to follow) is no doubt coronavirus. If you want to know what’s in store for technology in 2020, read this story from our own Michal Jirák. It covers 14 tech trends including the most important one, which you’ll find at the end of the article.

Fashion Research 2019 eng

Glami has once again delivered a great piece of data analysis, which it published in its Fashion (Re)search for 2019. It’s inspirational for those who have lots of data and want to be more visible in the market. 

In addition, Glami has won a prize in Google’s YouTube Works competition for Czechia and Slovakia, specifically in the category ‘Best use of YouTube for performance marketing.’ Stay tuned for a podcast on this topic, because a video is a big (and expensive) undertaking. 

Pavel Vopařil v Bonami

We feel that our expansion into offline space has to be fast-paced,” says Pavel Vopařil in the media, so stay tuned for Bonami’s first brick and mortar shop. Bonami has also announced the company’s results for 2019, with turnover totaling almost 60 million Euro and a positive profit margin. 

Rohlík also had a great year, with turnover of more than 150 million Euro and a profit of more than 2.3 million Euro.

Psyon founders

Our portfolio of companies has grown by one somewhat atypical addition: Psyon, a psychedelic therapeutic clinic. To learn about Psyon, you can read this Forbes article or listen to our very own Václav Štrupl in a DVTV interview.

Recommended reading and listening: