Take a peek at our dog-friendly offices

Veronica Hrozová
20. 1. 2020

One of the benefits of working in our Karlín office is the ability to take our four-legged friends to work. The same goes for almost all of the companies in our portfolio. How many dogs ‘work’ here? There’s one dog for every six humans (if all 18 are present at the same time, which hasn’t happened yet), which makes for impressive canine therapy. Just take a look at our video or the photos that go with this story.

Know all their names? The photos should help ‘dog’ your memory.

Emma a Karolína (Dogs)

Emma (Glami). If she didn’t have a little bell on her collar, you wouldn’t even know she was here. 

Jamie na křesle

Jamie (Glami). The smallest member of the pack, but don’t let his size fool you. It’s he who really runs the place. 

Ourson a Amálka

Ourson and Amálka (Glami). We don’t see Amálka often, but when she’s here, you can’t miss her large presence. Ourson, on the other hand, is here every day, always close behind his person Tomáš.

Lilly Sense Arena

Lilly (Sense Arena). Just as her person, she loves to chase the puck.

Zara a Pluto

Zara (Biano) and Pluto (Glami). Zara is a lady who likes to have fun. And Pluto is an inquisitive fox pretending to be a dog.  

Meeting s Aryou a Jamiem

Meeting with Arya and Jamie (Glami)

Venčení Arya a Jamie

After the meeting it's time for a walk to a garden near the office.

Psí hromadná fotka na recepci bez páníčků

3, 2, 1… walkies!

Hromadná fotka s páníčky

And one more of the pack and their people. 

Not all our four-legged friends made it for the photo shoot, so if you want to get to know them all, follow us on Instagram @mitonfamily under the hashtag #DogsofMiton. 

Join our team and get to know our mascots personally. Or better yet, bring along your four-legged ‘beastie’ to join our pack. Look at what Glami, Biano, Driveto and Sense Arena have to offer by visiting miton.cz/kariera.