“Real Art on Every Wall.” 100ks to Offer Fine Art Prints

Michala Gregorová, Miton

Michala Gregorová

23. 9. 2022
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What is better? A white wall or a poster from IKEA? There is an alternative, however, that even collectors will find appealing: limited edition fine art prints. Why are we writing about this? Because we have invested in a project devoted to making original artwork accessible to almost everyone.

Klaudie Hlavatá | Hořící slunce

The recently launched 100ks project offers a curated selection of fine art prints in limited editions of 100 pieces. 100ks has experienced curators vouching for their quality. The aim of the project is to bring to the market art by contemporary Czech artists and make these works accessible.

Founder 100 ks Jakub Svoboda

100ks was created from a simple need. I wanted to have contemporary art in my home, but I didn’t know where to look and how to make a choice. The market is scattered and inaccessible to a layperson. The second obstacle is, of course, the price of original works of art,” explains Jakub Svoboda, the project's founder.

On the 100ks website, it is always possible to find an original work of art, especially in its more accessible form: a fine art print. Only 100 prints have been made of each work of art, and all are signed by the artist and numbered. They range in price from CZK 2700 to CZK 7000. They are printed in pigment-based ink in top-notch museum quality on 100% cotton paper. Their light stability is guaranteed for 100 years. They can be purchased framed and protected by gallery-standard Plexiglas with UV protection.

Matěj Lipavský

What benefits does the project have for the artists themselves? “100ks provides artists a new way to attract customers without having to worry about marketing. Even though the target group is larger in size, the prints are still limited edition works that the artist has 100% control over.  The greatest benefit the artist themselves see is greater awareness about them, but also contemporary Czech art in general, among non-collectors,” says Jakub Svoboda.

100ks - detail

Why have we at Miton made a decision to provide seed capital for this project? “Even in the field of art, artificial intelligence is starting to take the spotlight. Within a few years, you can expect an infinite supply of AI-generated art. It will therefore be ever more difficult to identify original works of art. It will be harder for artists to make a mark and to focus on their work fully,” says Michal Jirák, Partner at Miton, about the current trend.

[We write more about the future of art in connection with the development of AI here]

“That’s why supporting art with a human hand and story behind it will be all the more important. Investing in 100ks is our first contribution in this area. By doing so, we hope to support Czech artists and give the rest of us a chance to choose works of art that are guaranteed to be original, first-class, and in an accessible format,” he adds.

Ester Knapová | Kombajny

The works that customers can find in the selection offered by 100ks are categorized by theme. The first three series were selected by curator and art historian Petr Vaňous, specifically the Figurace (Figuration), Krajina (Landscape), and Nový jazyk (New Language) series, which give a platform to more abstract works of the act. Currently, there are 22 works by 18 artists on offer, and each work of art is available in a limited edition of 100 pieces. In the coming months, it is planned to add one new thematic series per month.

If the limited editions prove popular, 100ks will expand to other European countries. Even then, the focus will be on accessibility, ease of selection, and local artists.


Wall print- 100ks



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