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Looking for the most beautiful spot to park your camper? Explore the newly launched Camperguru guide.

When planning your RV holiday this year, look to an expert guide featuring the most beautiful places across Europe. Called Camperguru, the guide is the brainchild of Víťa Válka, who has been utilising his family’s decade-long experience of travelling with a camper, and his Camperguru project partners. They include photographer Jakub Zdechovan, blockchain specialist Alex Preukschat, and with a 10% share also Miton.

Why we invested in the second-hand bookshop Knihobot

Books bring good karma, especially when they come to you second-hand. Read about our new investment into the circular economy and why we think you might like the idea of Knihobot.

What’s New: Winter 2021

What to say about the start of 2021? Besides the fact that it marks one year since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been quite a few positive developments. Online services have continued to grow at a fast pace, and COVID has brought other encouraging trends.

Campiri is set to digitalise recreational vehicle rental, and we’re in for the ride

(Press release) Promoting sustainable travel and fighting over-tourism – these are the main goals of the new Czech company Campiri, which is popularising the caravanning lifestyle and making it possible for anyone to enjoy an RV holiday.

Mid Europa invests in Displate

Mid Europa Partners (Mid Europa), a private equity investor in Central and Eastern Europe, is to acquire a majority stake in GWD Concept (Displate) from the founders, Credo Ventures and Miton Capital. 

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What’s New: September and October 2020

Three new investments, the launch of Miton Psychonauts, lockdown, uncertainty, change. And this could quite possibly be the new normal. So enjoy a bit of relaxing reading.

The Blabu platform is updating its focus and we have decided to help.

Prague, 6 October 2020 – Coronavirus has motivated many professionals to move their services online. Many have lost the opportunity to meet their clients in person, so in order to make a living they need to adapt their service delivery. The globally ambitious Czech start-up Blabu is changing its focus to enable professionals to deliver their services virtually with ease. With just a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can set up their online office – even a technology novice.

Introducing VOS, the fourth addition to the Miton Psychonauts portfolio

Still in their early twenties, entrepreneurs Jirka Diblík and Ondra Kopecký already have a decade of experience under their belt. The super talented duo have been friends and business partners since childhood and boast a number of successful projects on their score sheet.

Why we decided to initiate the Circle of Innovation in Mental Health

Collaboration instead of competition – the main motivation for our decision to organise the informal gatherings we’ve named Circle of Innovation in Mental Health.

Photo gallery from the 20th birthday party

At the beginning of September, we celebrated 20 years of Miton's existence in Jablonec, where it all originated. Although the situation is not too favorable for the celebrations, the huge garden of the Volt brewery gave us the opportunity to meet many of you who participated in our 20-year journey.

Miton is launching a mental health fund and investing in

Recently we wrote about our investment in the Psyon Psychedelic Clinic in Prague and in the Wavepaths project in London, and today we want to share information about the third addition to our portfolio that relates to mental health –, an online therapy platform aimed at improving mental wellbeing. We have also decided to further support mental health with the Miton Psychonauts investment fund, into which we have set aside tens of millions of Czech crowns.

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