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Change in Donio. Livesport takes over the baton from Miton.

(Press Release) Czech technology company Livesport is expanding its philanthropic activities. The world's leading provider of fast sports news has become a new partner of the online platform Donio, through which it is easy to set up a charity fundraiser or start a project and keep 100% of the funds raised.  Donio has already raised more than 800 million CZK for charity and Livesport wants to help continue its growth in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Do you also get annoyed with how cumbersome and complicated everything around ESOPs is in the Czech Republic? In that case, we offer action. Support the #ESOPasap initiative and let's try to change the situation for the better together.

Two years of psychedelic therapy in the Czech Republic: Hundreds of clients and hopeful prospects

You may have noticed the first interviews with patients who participated in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in different Czech media such as DVTV or aktuálně.cz. When we announced our investment in Psyon three years ago, this is exactly what we hoped for. We wanted to play our part in starting a psychedelic clinic that would provide help for people unable to find help elsewhere. How did it get all the way up to this point?

What’s happening in re-commerce (and what have we learnt from Knihobot)

It’s been a year since we recorded our podcast episode about      re-commerce. It’s high time we took another look at what’s been going on (the blog version of this Twitter thread follows).

What's the future of search?

We've done a deep dive into this fascinating and evolving space. Is it Conversational AI, TikTok, Instagram .. or something else? And what about the big G in the room? Time for a new Twitter thread.

“Real Art on Every Wall.” 100ks to Offer Fine Art Prints

What is better? A white wall or a poster from IKEA? There is an alternative, however, that even collectors will find appealing: limited edition fine art prints. Why are we writing about this? Because we have invested in a project devoted to making original artwork accessible to almost everyone.

Generative AI ≈ AI × Art

We did a deep dive into where we are, robots and all. (Hint: we did not paint the cover image alone.)

What’s New: Winter 2022

When summarising the events of Winter 2022, it is hard not to mention the war. Despite all the horrors, there are also some positives moments to be found – such as the ways that the Czech Republic and Czech companies have been trying to help.

Markéta Nováková and Kateřina Chvalinová join Miton

What’s new in the Miton team? It has, for example, grown again in the past month, allowing us to provide our companies with greater support.

We are investing in two affiliated crypto companies: Coinmate exchange and Confirmo payment portal
  • Coinmate allows regular people to invest in cryptocurrency securely. It aims to become the “Czech Savings Bank for crypto”.
  • Confirmo is a popular cryptocurrency payment portal for e-commerce (clients include Alza and Pilulka) with global ambitions.
Results of our Christmas crypto giveaway

There are many ways to say thanks for a successful year. The team behind Miton C, our fund focussed on crypto and web3, decided to celebrate success by giving away 8 million Czech crowns. To figure out how to manage the giveaway, the team followed principles that define web3.

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