Tomáš Matějček

One of Miton’s founding partners, Tomáš was born in New Zealand and spent a large part of his adolescence in Germany. In recent years he was involved in projects like Slevomat and DámeJí; today he is responsible for Rossum,, Biano and the VR startup Sense Arena.

Tomáš Matějček

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“Years of living in Germany have given me a broad outlook and different ideas about the world. And as a Czech child in a foreign country I had to work harder for my place in the sun. You can’t get too comfortable, which has its pros and cons,” says Tomáš about his upbringing. Time spent in Bavaria gave the father of three an excellent command of German and nurtured his love of sport

At Miton Tomáš has worked on the development of Slevomat and DámeJídlo, which involved a close collaboration with Tomáš Čupr. Currently he is responsible for Biano, and Rossum, and his love of ice hockey has led him to support Miton’s investment in the VR startup Sense Arena.

Tomáš strives to find the core of a specific business, and in Miton’s early days he focused a lot on project analytics. He was also Miton’s investment pioneer and a champion of building international contacts.

Tomáš claims that business was his destiny. “Somehow I always knew that I would not go to work in the classic sense of the word,” says Tomáš. “I have always been fascinated with technology, especially the Internet. I like how the movement of data and information can change the world in a very short time. At Miton we focus on projects and themes that help make people’s lives a little easier – by saving time, money or simply making life’s experiences more pleasant.”

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