Tomáš Hodboď

Tomáš joined the team of Miton partners in 2013 after a successful exit of the price comparison site Heureka, which he had helped to build. Today he is responsible for GLAMI as the company’s CEO. Tomáš lives with his family in Prague, and he is proud to be growing a future global initiative.

Tomáš Hodboď

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In 2006 Tomáš began to work with Michal Jirák on the price comparison website Heureka, which was bought six years later by the internet group Allegro. Wanting to try the role of CEO, Tomáš then led Heureka under the new ownership arrangement. “It was a good experience, but the environment was too corporate for me. I soon felt the pull to go back,” reflects Tomáš on the time when he became Miton’s fifth partner.

Tomáš returned to Miton in 2013 and again joined forces with Michal Jirák. When thinking about where to focus their collective energies, they decided on fashion. “It’s the largest area of e-commerce, and it continues to grow fast,” explains Tomáš. “Globally the fashion business generates some 3 trillion US dollars each year, and entry into the world of online commerce is a key proposition for all major brands.” This inspired the idea to develop a service that would help people navigate the vast sea of fashion brands and e-commerce while serving as a source of inspiration – the fashion search engine GLAMI, which Tomáš leads in the role of CEO.

The first kernels of GLAMI’s source code were created in the summer of 2013, and by autumn of the same year the service was up and running in Czechia. Quite quickly it became clear that the idea of connecting people with a fashion selection service was right on the money. Today GLAMI works in 15 European countries and in 2020 it facilitated sales of more than 200 million Euro for its retail partners.

“Fashion trends are constantly changing,” adds Tomáš. “Brands come and go, young people discover new styles, sometimes by revisiting the past. GLAMI is here to help tell these stories while staying neutral and unbiased.”

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