Michal Jirák


Michal says he’s more a product person than an entrepreneur, and UX/UI
development currently tops his interests. In his time at Miton he has focused on
Stahuj.cz, Heureka, Bonami and Domodi, and now he is working on GLAMI and Blabu. Michal
found his way to Miton’s founding team through the Jablonec-based rock club
Rampa. He spent part of his childhood in sunny Australia.


Michal Jirák


Bonami, the online store of designer furniture, and GLAMI, the popular fashion search engine, are two internationally successful enterprises with which Miton is conquering Europe. And yet, their creation was nurtured by a man who dreams of Miton returning to mountainous Jablonec one day, where he will ditch his car and walk to work.

“I’m most satisfied when I can focus on one thing and develop it to perfection. I never really wanted to be a businessman, but the company proved to be the best way to connect people in order to create new products,” says Michal Jirák.

Michal built Bonami together with Václav Štrupl, and on GLAMI he is collaborating with Tomáš Hodboď, with whom he first worked on the price comparison site Heureka.cz. It was Michal who looked after the Stahuj.cz software portal in Miton’s very early days. Indeed, Stahuj.cz is the reason Michal was initially approached by Milan Zemánek, Ondřej Raška and Tomáš Matějček. The trio needed a graphic designer who could help with their software download portal and Michal was their man.  

Michal discovered computers as a young boy in the 1980s, when he lived with his parents in Sydney, Australia. From there he returned to Czechia with an interest in computer games and computer graphics, and good Aussie English. “I was good in English at school, and also at maths and physics, subjects you could ‘figure out’. In contrast, subjects you had to memorise, like history, were a real struggle for me,” says the father of two.

Michal is passionate about graphics and animation, and to this day he loves to relax with a pencil and a sketchpad. His visually-focused brain is naturally engaged with technologies that have crossed the theoretical threshold and are ready to help make our lives easier. That’s one of the reasons for his fascination with machine learning, especially when used in image processing. “Machine learning can remove barriers that e-commerce companies face with expansion to other countries,” says Michal. “It completely changes the competition landscape in many areas that have been restricted by language or other barriers.”

Projects in which Michal is involved