What’s New: July 2019

Michala Gregorová
5. 8. 2019

In July we welcomed two guests to Miton. The first was Tomáš Havryluk, who shared with us the secrets behind Alza’s success. There is a lot to think about, so we recommend that you check out one of several podcasts featuring Tomáš Havryluk, either at Forbes.cz or Proti proudu.

The second guest was Alžběta Doležalová, former head of HR at Rohlík. Does a startup really need an HR specialist? And if so, when?

Both events were internal only. We always regret when this happens, as it doesn't facilitate a wider sharing of ideas. And so we are thinking about our own podcast. 

Biano IT offsite

Are you struggling with the completion of an important IT project? The developers at Biano had their own way of tackling this challenge – they retreated to nature for a week. To find out how it went and what they learnt in the process, follow this link

Finding top talent for marketing is also a big challenge. For example, at Alza the role of CMO is shared by two top-notch professionals. Rohlík’s marketing section has recently welcomed Marek Hallér, a marketing pro with a strong data analysis background.

Michal Šmída

Twisto has successfully raised new funds, which is no longer news. Michal Šmída writes about the entire process in an article full of useful insights on the challenge of finding international investors. 

Filip Mikschik

Jirka Rostecký’s guest this time was Filip Mikschik, the founder of StartupJobs. You can listen to their conversation here

“Together or separately?” Thanks to Qerko, you no longer have to think about it. To learn about paying with Qerko and about Lukáš Kovač’s plans, read this article at Lupa.cz.

A great way to get mentioned in the media is to share an opinion on a hot topic of the day. Just the way that GLAMI did for Forbes in response to Zalando’s 70% sales, or Ondřej Raška in response to Facebook’s Libra project

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