What’s New: December 2018 and January 2019

Povídání se Šimonem Vostrým
Povídání se Šimonem Vostrým
Michala Gregorová
2. 1. 2019

Šimon Vostrý joined us to speak about his 40-million-Euro exit. Sense Arena exhibited at CES. Rohlik.cz reports profits. And our tips for good reading and listening.

Povídání se Šimonem Vostrým v rámci Company builders

As part of our “company builders” series we met with Šimon Vostrý, who spoke openly about his big exit. The exit did not last just a year and half, as it appeared from the outside, but more like 20 years. Shame if you missed the talk. In March we will welcome Pavel Zima to our offices at Corso for a chat with David Špinar about the experience of building Seznam.

The influencer marketing event with Petr and Jirka Král is almost fully booked, with 50 planned participants. If the topic interests you (we have reserved five spots for outside guests), please sign up as soon as possible.

Sense Arena na CESu

Sense Arena took part in CES and the months of intensive planning have paid off. Thanks to Sense Arena’s great presence and the involvement of the former NHL player Patrik Eliáš, the project grabbed the attention of American media outlet Wired and many other important players, including the NHL’s marketing director. Keep your fingers crossed that our new contacts translate into contracts. Sense Arena is off to a great start.

Sklad Rohlíku

Speaking of hard work, we must praise the great work of the team at Rohlik. In 2018 the company managed a turnover of nearly 100 million Euro (!) and profits nearing 1.2 million Euro. After a very tough 2017, these are fantastic numbers – and they're only the beginning!

Hlavolam od Mitonu

Did you get our Christmas puzzle? Were you able to open it? It wasn’t that hard – we needed only one long meeting to solve it :)

Many of you were clever enough to open the box and choose your favourite charity. Thanks to you we are sending 44,000 Czech crowns to Zdravotni klaun, 13,000 Czech crowns to Nadace Krasa pomoci and 13,000 to Trash Hero.

P.S. In their campaign “Thanks, mum, for Christmas”, Bonami raised more than 500,000 Czech crowns.

Recommended reading and listening: 
- Sequoia Capital’s Seven Questions. The concept is simple – almost dull: an interesting individual, usually a company founder, responding to seven standard questions. Before you know it, you’re reading the newsletter every week from start to finish.   
- "47 red-hot tech startups that became worth billions this year"
- "How to Change Your Mind". Psychedelics are a hot topic, so much so that an entire session was devoted to them at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos. Read this book if you want to know why. 
- Michal’s tips:
Obra Dinn - most original detective game of 2018 (Steam)  
Black Mirror Bandersnatch - first interactive movie by Netflix  
Beat Saber - music+lightsabers now on PS4 VR
- Most! Dycky Most (Forbes).