What's new: February 2019

Jirka and Petr Královi spoke about marketing influencers
Jirka and Petr Královi spoke about marketing influencers
Michala Gregorová
1. 3. 2019

GLAMI took a look back at 2018 and released their plans for 2019. Twisto initiated Apple Pay. Sense Arena is conquering America, Grason is winning competitions, and Rohlik is expanding.

GLAMI team v Barceloně

“There’s no going back once you make your plans public,” tweeted Tomáš Hodboď with a link to the report GLAMI goes to 2019. There you’ll learn that thanks to the fashion search engine, online fashion retailers earned 80 million Euro last year. The report covers a full range of GLAMI achievements in 2018 and provides information about trends and plans for 2019.

In the last issue we wrote about Bonami’s sales, which amounted to 40 million Euro in 2018. Here is the public report, which has a lot more detail.   

Twisto spustilo Apple Pay

Last week Twisto was at the centre of a media storm resulting in hundreds of mentions. Twisto was able to launch Apple Pay in the first wave, together with several standard banks. If your bank isn’t supporting Apple Pay, get yourself a Twisto account.

Sense Arena v Americe

After CES, Sense Arena continues to capture America. It has three new installations in the US as well as a new Managing Director for North America, the former VP of Eurotel Garrison Macri. Sense Arena is also heading to Minnesota for their largest hockey exhibition

There are still too few women in startups, something the Women Startup Competition is working to change.  This year’s winner – thanks to co-founder Jarmila Kowolowská – is Grason, part of the MITON family of companies.

Rohlik announced the addition of a new board member and expansion to Hungary. Their board of directors welcomed Martin Dlouhý, whose retail experience can be matched by very few in Czechia. Martin was the boss of Slovak Tesco, Indian Makro and Czech McDonald’s, so his responsibilities will naturally include Rohlik’s expansion to Hungary.

Influencer Marketing s Jirkou a Petrem Králem.

Our February guests were the brothers Jirka and Petr Královi who spoke about influencer marketing. This is how the friendly chat looked in photos. On March 6 we will welcome Seznam’s long-term CEO Pavel Zima. If you want to join, write to me at michala.gregorova@miton.cz – we’ll find a way to squeeze in a few outside guests.

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  • Fjord has published a great summary of trends for 2019. These include quieting digital noise and sustainability. For some interesting reading, I recommend you download their pdf.

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