What's New: August and September 2019

Michala Gregorová
7. 10. 2019

How to interview IT types. Worthwhile presentations from the E-Business Forum. Photos from our founders’ dinner. And finally, tips for what to read, watch and listen to.

Výdejna Bonami v Jenči

Get it fast! Bonami has opened its first collection point in their warehouse in Jeneč. Now customers can pick up their orders within just a few hours and without paying a delivery fee. What’s more? The collection point looks great, something that’s not easy to do within a warehouse space. More on Mediář.cz

Ebusiness Forum - David Špinar

Worthwhile presentations from the E-Business Forum. We attend conferences so you don’t have to, as they can be a waste of time. Nevertheless, this year’s EBF had several interesting presentations. David recommends the following slide presentations:

GLAMI has launched its virtual search engine. See for yourself how it can make clothes shopping a cinch. Just upload a picture of something you'd like to buy, and let technology do the work. So far, searching from a photo only works on mobile devices. GLAMI has also added a materials guide that will help you understand the difference between ramie, modal and piñatex.

SJ case study

How to find programmers? Ask a programmer at your company to write the job ad. This finding emerged from a case study published by the StartupJobs.cz team. And how to conduct an interview with an IT applicant? Look at this practical guide with examples of interview formats used by Dropbox, Slack and other famous tech firms. 

TK Grason a Qerko

Grason celebrated the company’s second birthday and the nearly 400,000 Euro that waitstaff have earned with Grason’s help. To mark the event, Grason and Qerko organised a press conference about restaurants of the future. Read here for more on trends in the food and restaurant industry

Recommended reading, watching and listening:

P.S. It’s nothing new, but it’s still valid. We’re looking for people – or more precisely, our companies are looking for people. For all kinds of roles. If you’re not happy with your current work, look at our offerings. Or write to me by email or on LinkedIn. We’ll be happy, because if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably right for us ☺