What's new: April 2019

Michala Gregorová
6. 5. 2019

Filip Brýdl in Miton, Glami in Morocco, Rossum at AI Awards. Learn what’s been happening at Miton, the same information we share with the founders of our companies.

Pavel Vopařil’s guest in our “company builders” series was Filip Brýdl, and this time the talk got quite personal. Next event in this series is planned for June. As always, we reserve a few seats for outside guests. Just follow us on social networks.

Rossum v AI Awards

Today’s first congratulations goes to Rossum for earning the title Startup of the year in the Czech AI Awards. Winning a prize always brings a warm, fuzzy feeling, and sometimes it helps with PR (just ask Grason about their experience with the Women Startup Competition).

Driveto oslava 2. narozenin

Second congrats goes to Driveto. Although they haven’t won anything, they have turned two, and have done so in great shape! What startup can say that? Congratulations to all team members for their outstanding work.

Glami v Maroku

Glami moved to Morocco for five days. After last year’s experience in Barcelona, they chose a country where alcohol is a bit more difficult to get and they made a few changes to the programme. The result? The team was able to get some good work done during their North African adventure, and got an article in Forbes to boot!

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