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Jarmila Kowolowská s Milanem Zemánkem
Jarmila Kowolowská s Milanem Zemánkem
Michala Gregorová
24. 6. 2019
Milan Zemánek

Where you don’t need a server to pay your bill and the manager finds reliable personnel through an app.

At Miton we have been watching the hospitality startup scene for a long time. As a result, we can now welcome two new startups to our portfolio – Grason and Qerko. We have been with both projects since their beginnings and have invested a total of 500,000 Euro.

Created in April 2018, Grason embodies the growing trend of democratisation in the labour market. A winner in the Women Startup Competition, Grason connects hospitality service providers directly with reliable staff. 

Grason app

In addition to providing restaurants with access to a database of tried and tested personnel, Grason makes it possible for restaurant managers to hire staff on a flexible basis. In this way it provides hospitality staff with an opportunity to earn extra cash and to set a fair price for their services. The project is similar to Liftago, where transparent rules have significantly improved taxi services. 

Miton has been involved in the development of Grason since the very beginning, and having seen the fantastic work of the founding team and its leader Jarmila Kowolowská (pictured in the photo at the top with Milan Zemánek), we have decided to join as shareholders. More than 150 restaurants and catering services are already using Grason, including Ambiente Pizza Nuova, Kuchyň, Sia, Bruxx, Vnitroblock and the Potrefená Husa restaurant chain. Since May 2018, Grason has facilitated over 6,000 work shifts and hospitality workers have earned a total of 250,000 Euro. 

Qerko payment

Qerko is at the start of its journey, steered by the experienced product manager Lukáš Kovač (formally from Seznam.cz and Avast) and his team. Qerko aims to change the presently cumbersome process of paying for meals at restaurants, where diners must either wait for a server – often for a long time – or pay at the bar when they want to split the bill.  

To use the new service diners need to download the Qerko app on their mobile devices so they can read the QR code displayed on the restaurant table. The app brings up the bill and individual diners select the specific items for which they want to pay. Payment is processed quickly and easily using payment details saved to the app, and servers are notified immediately. Because customers appreciate this easy payment system, tips tend to be 40% higher than the norm.  

In Prague you can try this new way of paying at places like La Casa Blů, Cafefin and Yolo Karlín, in Plzeň at Pijezpi and in Jablonec at the Volt brewery. “If customers and restaurant owners come to like Qerko, we will add other features like a smart frequent diner programme that requires no membership card,” adds Lukáš Kovač.

Qerko founders3

Querko’s founders: (from left) Roman Kantor, Miloslav Mrvík, Lukáš Kovač, Jan Dorazil, Markéta Smutná