Tomáš Jiroušek is Miton’s new investment manager

Michala Gregorová, Miton

Michala Gregorová

1. 9. 2020
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Although we like a small team, once in a while we welcome a new member. Tomáš Jiroušek has joined us recently as our new investment manager and Milan Zemánek’s business associate. 

Tomáš has come to us after nearly four years at Springtide Ventures. Prior to that, he was involved in the sale of two companies which he himself founded. 

When you ask Tomáš what he’s most proud of from his time at Springtide Ventures, he mentions being responsible for starting up investment activities in Israel. There, his work led to investment in companies that have since seen exits totalling billions of Czech crowns. While at Springtide Ventures, Tomáš gained experience both with investing as well as building companies of varying sizes and stages of development.

From the standpoint of investing, Tomáš is most interested in the area of HR Tech. He will focus on this area as he looks for investment opportunities as part of his new role at Miton. Tomáš will also help in business development with HR Tech companies that are already part of Miton’s portfolio. One such project will involve collaborating with StartupJobs founder Filip Mikschik and his team. We’ll share more on this once the project is up and running.

“We wanted Tomáš to join us a year ago when he finished his work with Springtide Ventures. In the end, we had to wait for his return from Asia, so I’m all the more excited about the energy and experiences he’ll bring to the team,” says Milan Zemánek. The rest of us couldn’t agree more.

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