Review of the past few months

Donio a Energii lekarum
Donio a Energii lekarum
Michala Gregorová
4. 6. 2020

A lot has happened over the past few months. So much so that our regular bi-monthly summary (which our founders receive in a monthly version) has taken a three-month break. So let’s get started. 

Our family of companies has officially grown by welcoming Donio (photo above with Donio’s founder David Procházka and brand manager Lada Brůnová). You can learn more about our newest member in this press release.

Bonami na Černém Mostě

After last year’s successful opening of Bonami’s first collection point, the online furniture retailer has recently opened its first beautiful bricks and mortar shop. The shop is located in the Černý Most area of Prague, where you can stop by to shop or to pick up your order. To enjoy a preview, watch this virtual tour

Rohlík Bez kompromisu

Rohlík is moving at breakneck speed, with many new products and services introduced over the past three months. One of these is Turbo Rohlík, a speedier version of their regular grocery delivery service, and then there is Rohlík’s very own ‘Bez kompromisu’ [Without compromise] brand. The face of the marketing campaign for the new brand is the CEO Tomáš Čupr himself, vouching for quality in the photo above. What’s more, Rohlík is also expanding to Austria and Germany. 

Tomáš Čupr has also recruited a new CEO for the Czech side of Rohlík’s business, having himself moved to the position of CEO for the whole group. In addition to their new Czech CEO, Rohlík has welcomed many new players with experience in high-level management. For more information, read here.

Reas realitní report

These past few months have seen Reas return to an old project and to embark on a new one. The company has launched the second version of their atlas of prices and has started to communicate with the media with the aid of real estate data, which has also been turned into Reas’ monthly real estate report

By the way, data has also been a media drawcard for Glami and their special corona report.


StartupJobs has decided to do something about the many job losses that followed the pandemic. They have launched the BezPráce [Without a Job] portal, where people who have lost work can get free advice from HR professionals about how to find a new job quickly. 

Adam Szabó z Driveta

Driveto sold about a hundred cars in April and May, and for the month of April this accounted for almost all the cars sold in Czechia. Here the company’s CEO Adam Szabó explores why traditional methods of getting a car have become obsolete. 

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