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Restu team
Restu team
Milan Zemánek
10. 10. 2018

Our joint journey with Restu began in 2013. Fast forward five years and Makro has purchased Restu. Why does this make us happy?

When we first joined Restu (then known as Alakarte), the company managed online reservations for some 200 Czech restaurants. Now there are thousands of restaurants involved, and about half a million diners use Restu to book their tables. And not only in Czechia, but also in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. While these are good numbers, they could be better and cover more countries.

Restu began primarily as a service for diners, but this has changed as Restu moved into the B2B sector and restaurants became the company’s main customer base.

B2B with great international potential – when you put these two factors together, it quickly becomes obvious that we could not have imagined a better partner for Restu than Makro. The following excerpts from the official press release complete the full story:

“We provide a range of digital solutions to our clients – both owners and managers of independent restaurants – and help enable their further growth,” says Olaf Koch, Chairman and CEO of METRO AG.

Many restaurant owners do not use reservation systems because they are too costly. These days, however, many diners look for restaurants online and they expect to be able to book a table. The Czech Restu provides a top service in this regard.”

There is great growth potential for Restu even in Czechia. “The acquisition will help our 50,000 hospitality subscribers in the Czech Republic to access Restu’s solutions with greater ease,” announced METRO’s Operating Partner Miles Graham.

What can we add? A big appreciation for their great work to Restu’s CEO Jiri Moskal, Head of Product Pavel Hůza, Chief Technology Officer Štěpán Čech and everyone else on the Restu team. They have experienced many significant changes, always in line with Jirka’s favourite Colin McRae maxim: “If in doubt, flat out.”

Jiří Moskal, šéf Restu

Online reservations are but the beginning of the hospitality industry’s digital future. We are proud that “our” Restu is part of it.