Renting a flat is hard work

Founders IdeálníNá
Founders IdeálníNá
Milan Zemánek
16. 8. 2018

We have recently gained a 46% stake in IdeálníNá, a service that makes it easier for anyone wanting to rent a flat. The investment deal for a service with an annual turn-over of around 2.8 million Euro was signed and sealed in Brno.

In the second investment round we increased our ownership share by exercising an option and by purchasing shares from Jiří Hlavenka and Oliver Dlouhý (, which jointly amounted to 21%. The transaction valued IdeálníNá at nearly 4 million Euros.

Why do we believe in the IdeálníNá team? The company offers property owners a comprehensive rental service, including absorption of all risks associated with property rental. In addition to assessing and selecting a suitable renter on the basis of available information, the service ensures that the property owner receives regular rent payments regardless of actual occupancy status.

IdeálníNá also takes care of all contract arrangements, settlement of payments for services and insurance, and if necessary, arranges for inspections, repairs and maintenance.

The service was created in 2015 (under the auspices of and it has been fantastic to watch how quickly it has been developing and growing under the leadership of founders Tomáš Brychta, Martin Březina and Johny Patera. Currently IdeálníNá has an annual turn-over of some 2.8 million Euros, and its once small team is now 50 strong. The guys behind the project have open minds and aren’t afraid of anything – they’re humble but have big plans. The kind we like at Miton.

At the beginning the founders benefited greatly from the experiences of Jiří Hlavenka and Oliver Dlouhý, whom we thank and wish lots of success with the expansion of

“Together we want to continue to change the Czech rental market – to take on all the responsibilities traditionally carried by property owners and to set a new standard for the housing market. We are also beginning to look to other large European cities, where a large percentage of residents live in rented accommodation. This presents a great opportunity for us,” adds one of the founders and the current CEO Tomáš Brychta.


Original ownership share: 15%

New ownership share: 46%

Options included in the new share: 10%

Shares purchased from Jiří Hlavenka and Oliver Dlouhý: 21%

Current valuation of IdeálníNá nearly 4 million Euros