Meet Displate: Our new Polish adventure

Room designed with Displates
Room designed with Displates
David Špinar
3. 10. 2018

Home decor, marketplace, Direct2Consumer, in-house production and a unique technology. In their business model, the Polish company Displate combines all of these elements and overlays a global reach. US customers are expected to generate the largest share of the company’s projected sales of US$20 million in 2019. These are all good reasons for Miton’s investment in Displate.

Miton invested 2 million US dollars in Displate’s second investment round of 3 million dollars. The other investor was the Czech investment company VC Credo Ventures, which had also invested in Displate’s first 2-million-dollar investment round last year (more in this Techcrunch article).

Displate makes posters printed on metal that are unique in several ways. First, Displate prints their posters in-house using several patented techniques. In addition, the posters are mounted only with specialised magnets.

Second, the designs are all original, created by independent artists from around the world. A customer chooses a design, Displate produces and delivers the poster, and the selected artist receives their fee. Displate also offers designs that are licensed under the Marvel and Star Wars labels.

With our investment, Miton has provided capital infusion into an established company with a global reach and sales in the tens of millions of US dollars. Displate is led by a senior team from Warsaw. This is yet another Miton investment into an online market that is propelled by our natural inclination to buy with our eyes. We are confident that our investment will help Displate not only financially, but also through the know-how and synergies we can offer as part of the overall Miton portfolio.

This year Displate projects sales worth 20 million US Dollars. The company offers designs from 7,200 independent artists from 86 countries with a total of 135,000 available designs. Currently, US customers account for the largest share of sales. What’s more, thanks to Displate’s collaboration with the Trees for the Future foundation, each sale of a Displate poster results in 10 planted trees. As of now, Displate has contributed to the planting of more than 5.8 million trees.