David Šiška is heading to Miton, Pavel Vopařil to Bonami

David Špinar
28. 5. 2019

Starting in June, fast-growing Bonami will have a new boss – Miton’s Pavel Vopařil. Pavel will take over from David Šiška, who is heading in the opposite direction – to Miton.

David and Miton go back a long way. You may remember the project named Kouzelná Almara, which introduced David to Miton in 2013. And you are sure to know Bonami, where he has spent five years of his career, the last three in the role of the CEO.

When David joined Bonami, the team was 15 strong. When he later took over the position of CEO from Vašek Štrupl, the company had 45 staff and a turnover approaching 10 million Euro. After three years the company now has sales of 40 million Euro and the office is home to some 160 employees, with more staff in the wings. Bonami has trebled under David’s leadership, proving the “rule of 3” once again.

Bonami is now at a place where it can capitalise on Pavel Vopařil’s many years of management experience. Pavel has worked at the management level in the Economia publishing house, the Centrum.cz portal and the McKinsey consultancy. For a little more than a year he has been a venture partner at Miton, working specifically with Bonami, where he is a minority shareholder. He joined Miton last year after leading the sale of Slevomat.

Pavel Vopařil, CEO Bonami

“Over the past year, Pavel has been really helpful with fine-tuning and managing the company, so I’ve seen first-hand his drive and the value he brings. I am confident that Pavel is the right person to lead the company at this point in time,” commented David on the changing of the guard.

Here at Miton we are thrilled that our common history continues to evolve. There are not many people in the Czech labour market who have years of experience in running a fast-growing internet company with a significant sales record. David has these credentials. What’s more, the Miton portfolio currently holds several projects that will soon enter a similar project phase, and David’s experience is sure to be invaluable there as well.

At Miton, David will serve in the role of Entrepreneur-In-Residence and look for new opportunities externally as well as in our current portfolio. And because his personality drives him to innovate, it’s highly likely that together we will soon be thinking of something new. His remaining time will be devoted to Bonami, where David is a minority shareholder and chairman of the board.