Anna Paličková joins Miton as an Associate

Michala Gregorová
15. 10. 2019

Miton has a new team member. Anna Paličková has joined us in the position of Associate, internally referred to as ‘padawan’. Just as Ondřej Štěpánek partners with Milan Zemánek on managing Milan’s business portfolio, so will Anna look after the companies in the portfolio of David Špinar, our CEO

Anna comes to us after more than five years at the consultancy firm Corpin, where we first met her. Corpin was the sole financial consultancy advising investors during the sale of Slevomat, which ultimately became Miton’s largest exit. Anna Paličková was part of the team led by Jiří Hák that was responsible for the Slevomat project at Corpin.

“Thanks to Corpin I got to know many people from Miton personally. Aside from the fact that it was a  ery successful project, I enjoyed the human side of our collaboration. So when after nearly six years at Corpin I was considering a change, I asked Pavel Vopařil if there were any opportunities at Miton,” reflects Anna.

Coincidently, David Špinar happened to be looking for a partner to help manage his portfolio – an extra pair of hands to give him more time for the companies in his portfolio and to look for new projects. Anna joined the Miton team in October.

Anna Paličková