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We connect millions of users with thousands of online stores and brands, remove unnecessary barriers and save a lot of time for online shoppers.

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Shopping behavior is unique for each category of products. The fragmentation of e-commerce markets is increasing. This leads to a need for independent platforms enabling easy discovery of the vast product offering in one place.
We are convinced that every e‑commerce category needs its own focus and approach. We started with fashion and home & decor categories because the choice in these product categories is wide and can be difficult to navigate for users.

Retailers are irrelevant without an online presence.

We give every retailer the possibility to connect with a wide audience.

For overwhelmed shoppers doing their own research is rather a burden.

We collect relevant purchase information on behalf of our users.

Shopping journeys are complicated

We approach each e-commerce category with attention to detail to provide the best possible experience.

Our platforms make online shopping simple:

You can say it is GLAMI in Italy, or you could say GLAMI is Stileo out of Italy. Your choice.


To gather and organize all products in one place for anyone to discover.


We save our users a lot of time, money and stress through aggregation, ranking and comparison. Online shopping must be a convenient way to find a desired product in a few clicks instead of hours spent researching. We strive to make it a pleasant experience, rather than a frustrating chore.


Our companies are determined to be a direct partner for delivering highly qualified traffic. Today's trends supporting our belief even more:
Brands are increasingly adopting direct sales to consumers as means of fighting the dependency on marketplaces.
New specialized D2C brands sell only directly to customers and the market is even more fragmented.
Interest from both buyers and sellers is causing a boom in cross-border e-commerce. The range of available products is becoming essentially endless.
Global pandemic tilted the scale in favor of online first approach.
Want to be a part of the story? We are eager to find out!
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