What’s New: November 2018

Foto z výsledkové porady
Foto z výsledkové porady
Michala Gregorová
6. 12. 2018

Every month we send the founders of “our” companies a newsletter with updates on latest developments. If these interest you, then read on, because what follows is a redacted version :)

Listopadová Founders dinner

Our founders’ dinner is behind us, as is the Christmas party. Photos from the dinner are available on our Facebook page; photos from the party are not for public viewing.

Kanceláře v Karlíně

We know you’ve seen our new Karlín offices, but have you seen this video?

GLAMI Fashion (Re)search 2018

Glami has started to build links with Czech media. They have put together a really great Fashion Re(search) report with loads of information about online fashion and fashion buying habits among Czech consumers. A quick glance at the report gives an idea of how much work it has taken to put together. Thorough market knowledge and relevant data is what interests the media, and Glami knows this well.

Beyond reaching out to media, Glami also developed a strategy for influencer marketing. The strategy was launched through Glami’s red carpet sponsorship at the Czech Social Awards. To get a feel for the event, check out this video.

Although uncertainty generally rules the PR discipline, with Glami one can be certain that relevant and plentiful data will always play a role in their PR efforts.

Díky mami za Vánoce

Working in collaboration with Klub svobodných matek (Single mothers’ club), Bonami has put together a very nice fundraising campaign to support single mothers at Christmas time (#dikymamizavanoce). Taking part in the campaign is super easy – a quick purchase on Bonami or sharing through social networks.

Lending a hand is also easy at Rohlík – all you need is one extra item with your online purchase.


Scuk.cz has been part of our family for some time. Thanks to a new investment from Pale Fire Capital and Martin Rozhoň, our partnership is now official. You can learn more in this Czechcrunch article. Scuk brings quality local food to people in small localities, where it would otherwise be hard to find.

What else makes you (and us) happy?

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