We are launching a mental health fund and investing in Terap.io

psychonauts ilustrace
psychonauts ilustrace
Václav Štrupl
15. 9. 2020

After investing in the Psyon Psychedelic Clinic and Wavepaths in London, we want to tell you today about the third addition to the portfolio, which aims at better mental well-being. It is Terap.io, a platform for online therapy. At the same time, we decided to cover the topic of mental health with the Miton Psychonauts fund, in which we have tens of millions of crowns set aside for further investments.

What leads us to this activity? Although we are materially better and better in Western society, we are not well at the level of individual experience. At the same time, mental health is, without exaggeration, decisive for the future of humanity. How we feel determines the way we live. What relationships do we create, how do we treat our surroundings and the environment?

Miton Psychonauts' new investment is Terap.io, a project to make psychotherapy more accessible. Thanks to Terap.io technologies, it removes barriers that prevent people from using therapy. For example, the complexity of choosing the right therapist, but also geographical and financial obstacles and prejudices of the environment.

“According to research, online therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy, and you can choose from a wider range of professionals than when you have to consider distance. Online therapy is also easier to use without your surroundings knowing it, and it is the fear of 'what people will say' that prevents many of us from finding a therapist, ”explain the goals of Terap.io and its founders Jan Sasínek, Olga Kunertová, and Chádí El-Moussawi (in the photo from the left).

Miton Psychonauts’ areas of interest 

  • Psychedelics and expanded states of consciousness
  • Using innovation to better understand our own health and to make healthcare more accessible
  • Using technology to develop new therapies 
  • Healthy relationships with technology and its use to support self-discovery and mindful living
  • To study consciousness and uncover the reality 

You can find more information at Miton.cz/en/Psychonauts.